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I am an Architect and a Fine Art photographer living in Athens, Greece and my main body of work consists in B&W  long exposure photographs, often presenting architectural objects but also seascapes and landscapes, and I sometimes touch  other genres of photography too, as I’m in a constant  quest for the best way of expressing myself and my vision about  the world in images. Photography for me represents a language of its own and one of the most beautiful languages indeed, and  long exposure photography represents the most magical part of this language, the part that allows us to come in contact with our subconscious and with the things we don’t know that we know…  What I try  do is to speak this language in order to make myself understood, to convey my ideas and feelings and to show to others the  beauty I see and the perfection that exists in everything that surrounds us, from an abstract architectural detail all the way to the motion of a wave embracing a rock, or the hint of gesture of a stranger passing in the street.
Beauty and perfection are always there, even in the places that one wouldn’t expect them to exist, the only prerequisite in order to see them is to always have your eyes, heart and mind open. I try to find them  and when I do I’m happy. I then try to capture them so I can keep them from flying away, I need to afterwards interpret them through my processing so I can add  my own self to the equation and finally show the result back  to the world. It’s a full circle, I take my inspiration from the world around me and I give my images back to it as a sign of gratitude for the beauty that it showed me. All these steps going through  the circle are equally fascinating to me and each one adds something to the  life of the  image I create. For me the life of an image, this process that starts  with the image being conceived in the mind of a photographer and culminates when it reaches and gives emotion to the viewer  and also back to the photographer himself, this life always aims as its utmost goal  at  capturing the time and making it last forever.  And  this is a fundamental aspect of photography: making things, people and emotions  immortal.

Beauty is my statement about the world I live in, it’s what I search for, it’s what interests me when I open my eyes in the morning, when I take my camera and go out shooting and when I sit in front of my images processing them, trying to make them mine, to make them express my own thoughts and feelings about the things I see. Photography makes me happy and this is not a cliché. It surprises me every day and it gives me a safe space where I can be myself no matter what, and this means  freedom.
Photography, as an art form,  is the utmost expression  of freedom, because beauty is above and beyond all  freedom of spirit.

©Julia Anna Gospodarou

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Athens Photography Workshop
Athens Photography Workshop

like-a-harp's-strings-I-overture_2100px a-path-to-the-sky-V-the-destination_2100px a-path-to-the-sky-IV-waves-in-the-sky_2100px a-path-to-the-sky-III-stroke-of-light_2100px

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