APF Street photography Group

APF Street Photography Group with over 40K members is now the 2nd Largest Street photography group on FB

March issue is now on stands. Cover © Flokje van Lith, Photographer Flokje van Lith was born in 1969. She studied photography at the Royal Academy of Art (the Hague). She works as an artist and

We are proud to announce the winner of the Second APF Inspiration Award. The theme was, "A night out". The award is Andrew Miksys, latest book DISKO. Andrew Miksys is from Seattle. His

The responsibility for your professional growth as a  photographer lies on one person only….YOU No matter how good you are as a photographer and what kind of situations you work in,

We started the APF Magazine street photography group on the 30th of April 2013 and soon it became a leading group in the world of street photography. With over 25000 members in